Voice of Recovery Award

This Certificate is Awarded to

Trillium Drop In Center

Trillium provides a stigma free environment which reduces isolation and empowers individuals to move forward on their journey of recovery. The outstanding leadership and interaction with clients personifies the characteristics of this award: Collaboration, Team work, Advocacy, Proactive, Honesty, Value, Respect.

signed by Tom Geib (Executive director of Community Services) on October 1, 2012.

Some quotes from the nomination forms:

"Many clients describe Trillium as being a very important piece of their recovery."

"[This is] an environment in which they feel respected and listened to, and one in which they feel comfortable to be themselves."

"Trillium Center is a positive, energetic place, with a focus on individual's strengths."

"The Trillium Center offers hope to participants that mental health [disorders] can be treated and managed, and is not necessarily an obstacle for a fulfilling and productive life. They do this with an attitude of inclusion, caring, respect and honesty."

"Center provides consumers with opportunity to reduce their isolation by socializing with their peers and an environment to be comfortable with being who they are."

"Empower consumers to do for themselves verses relying on others."

"Make sure that MH consumers have a presence and a voice in the PWC community."

This award is in honor of Jenny Vaughn-Bates

Jenny Vaugn-Bates was employed as a Mental Health Therapist/Employment Counselor with Prince William County Consumer Services. Jenny was a passionate voice of recovery. Her daily interactions with clients, colleagues and employers personified the outstanding characterisics of this award: Collaboration, Team work, Advocacy, being Proactive, with emphasis on values of Honesty, Integrity, and Respect.

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