Trillium Speakers Bureau

Employees of Trillium Center, Inc. have been giving presentations in the community for several years.

These presentations are suitable for consumer groups, students, law enforcement officials, educators, providers, faith community members, politicians, professionals, inmates and interested civic groups.

All presentations can be modified for your topic and time available. In addition, presentations regarding mental health topics can be created according to your needs.

If you would like a presentation for your group, please call Cynthia Dudley at 703-763-3865.

  • Recovery Champions
    This is a presentation from the perspective of a mental health consumer who shares their personal story of recovery. The speaker will address their personal struggles with mental illness and their journey of becoming stable. This presentation brings hope and helps others to feel connected to mental health recovery. Email us at for more information or to schedule a 'Recovery' presentation.

  • About Trillium
    This is a presentation about Trillium Drop-In Center's background, mission and services, as well as its goals and successes. It begins briefly with how we started in 2007, and how we have grown as the only mental health drop-in center in Prince William County. The presentation also discusses how Trillium is supporting the self-direction of some of our most vulnerable citizens and making a difference in many people's lives on a daily basis. Email us at for more information or to schedule an 'About Trillium' presentation.

  • The Story of Trillium
    The Founders of Trillium Drop-In Center, Inc. offer a summary of how they started Trillium in 2007. This includes an overview of steps involved in starting a private non-profit and the challenges they overcame, as well as personal insight into the women who turned a dream into reality. Email us at for more information or to schedule a 'Story of Trillium' presentation.

  • Advance Directives Overview
    An Advance Directive is a legal document you create that will be used in the event of a crisis where you cannot speak for yourself. Advance Directives make sure you get the care that you want. The presentation discusses how if you do not make decisions about your own care now, your family may have to later. Our speakers are trained in offering an overview and helping people create an Advance Directive. Email us at for more information or to schedule an Advance Directive presentation.

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