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We have a new conference call schedule starting July 1st:
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Trillium Center is sending inspiration to our community! Join this initiative and have HopeNotes sent directly to yours or a loved ones door! HopeNotes are unique and inspired by mental health recovery. They are uplifting messages that include hope, wisdom, encouragement, humor and more.

HopeNotes grow seeds of connectedness, joy, hope and so much more.

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The health and safety of Trillium Center staff and members is always our top priority. We have been following Prince William County Emergency Management and Health District recommendations and actions regarding COVID-19. To help mitigate the spread of the current coronavirus pandemic, Trillium Center will be open only on a limited basis until further notice.

We are dedicated to the services we provide to the Price William community. It was not an easy decision for us but is one our Board of Directors deemed necessary.

For anyone who missed the Celebration of the Life of Ann Gurtler, or would like to see it again, you can watch it here on Youtube.

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We're Zooming every Monday morning at 11:00!
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11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 820 1606 1937

Check out our updated (11/29/20) conference call schedule!
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Food, housing & other resources

Cynthia loves the work she does and says, "It absolutely has been and continues to be a labor of love. To see the positive changes created in other people's lives is beyond amazing.

Thank you to to the Greater Prince William Coalition for Human Services for the
Labor of Love Award." Prince William County is an awesome community, especially in mental health services. See the award presentation video here.

We at Trillium have lots to brag about!

Now some of the recognition
we've received is displayed on a wall
for all who come to Trillium.

We are grateful to

for the funds to help
Trillium Center purchase
our 13184 Centerpointe Way location.

About Trillium Services:

Trillium Center is a peer-led, private non-profit center for adults, that promotes, encourages and facilitates recovery from serious mental illness. Our facility gives mental and behavioral health support that includes educational, recreational, and supportive activities scheduled for each month.

These groups provide opportunities to encourage personal growth. The Staff of Trillium mentors and coaches people to empower them to live a meaningful life while managing the challenges of their mental illness.

We help to reduce the stigma of mental illness as well as reduce feelings of isolation and alienation in our stress-free stigma-free atmosphere. It is an emotionally and physically safe environment that we take seriously by enforcing a set of rules that focuses on behavior.

People can watch television, play a game of cards or pool, or many other activities and connect with others while minimizing the focus on one's symptoms. Our classes and groups enhance one's personal journey by helping individuals understand their wants and needs. We help our members to see the positive in themselves and in their lives.

Like a caterpillar that morphs into a beautiful butterfly, we at Trillium help people change their lives from the dark moments of illness to being heroes of their own mental health recovery. While here, people can learn to create independence and find a path where they can expand their horizons and have brighter and better days.

We also provide an important service to the community by our participation in such programs as CIT and DIVERT. We promote recovery beyond our physical space and are a cutting edge, unique model for other organizations that give aid to those who suffer from serious mental illness.

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